Sunday, January 22, 2017

Pizza Bear

When you mix "T" and a many doses of albuterol and steroids, you get a little side show.

Little Ms. "T" is 2 1/2 and yet her favorite place to visit in the middle of the night is the hospital.  We still have not been able to get control of her health crisis.

So around 1AM we headed to the ER after she had a disturbing reaction to some drugs for her sickness.  Well, while we were on the way, she could not stop talking. She chatted about everything and everyone she saw. ...and, well, Ms. "T" is pretty shy and not so talkative and YOU KNOW something is wrong when your husband says, "You need to take a video of this." :-)

So there we were, heading to the hospital, and Little Ms. "T" decided she was hungry.

"Mom, I want some pizza."

"Honey, we are going to the hospital."

"Ok, I want pizza."

"Honey, I don't think the hospital has pizza."

"K, can I ask them?"

*Thinking* Sure, my shy non-talkative child won't ask them.

All the way to the hospital she talks about the pizza at the hospital. After we get checked in and were seated in the room, a nurse comes in.

"T" turns to me and says,

"Mom, can I ask her?"

I am shocked but agree.

"Can I have pizza? I want pizza"

The nurse tells her that she has something better than a pizza.

A little while later, after the doctor had been in, the nurse comes back with a small beanie baby bear for "T". It was so sweet of her.

So guess what the baby bear was named??????


No joke.  "T" now has a bear named Pizza who sleeps right next to her "Baby Dinosaur" (which is a baby doll) and  "Princess" (another baby doll).

Our life is quite twisted but we enjoy it. #nevergetsold #pizza #ilovemykids

Monday, August 15, 2016

Prayers from a Babe

I love our prayers and tuck in time at night. The little ones will cuddle with you for as LONNNNNG as they can get you to stay in their room with them. Tonight my heart did a dance as I was tucking our little dinosaur in bed. 

I tucked her in and started praying. I said to God, "Thank you for my sweet little gift... (pause) and she cut in "...and for my mommy" *patting my head tenderly ...and for my mommy."

This is a night, I will treasure. The words she said were so tender and yet such a blessing to this momma's heart. 

I love talking to God about my sweet kids, but I love it even more when they talk to God. ...AND for them to thank God for me, was pure honey to my soul. <3 <3 <3

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

12/15/2015 Daddy's Christmas Present

Just to give you some background on this story, we do not have a dog, nor have ever had a dog, nor do we intend to get one in the near future.

We are driving down the road to meet Daddy at Target. Avery had been worried about buying Mommy a Christmas gift and we had not had time, so we were on our way to do that.

Avery: I want to get daddy a present too.

Mommy: You already got Daddy a present. You got him fire, remember. (fire: another long story)

Avery: I want to get Daddy two presents.

Mommy: Ok, what do you want to get him?

Avery: *Pause* (with hand strategically placed on his chin)

THEN (Avery looks up like he just had a brilliant light-bulb moment)


Mommy: Why do you want to get Daddy a gate?

Avery: I want to get a gate to keep our dog in.

Mommy: We don't have a dog.

Avery: Our dog died but we can get another dog.

Mommy: Are you making up stories again?

Avery: *giggle* I make up stories all the time

Mommy: Apparently. :-)

Another day in our household.

Monday, August 31, 2015


Regarding Driving

So we are driving down the road and A informs me that ...

"We (the drivers) don't like green (a green light) so we go and we like red (a red light) so we stop."

Then he goes on to tell me that when he drives someday...

"I like green so I am going to stop and I don't like red so I am going to go."

Well good luck with that son, I hope you don't get to many tickets. :-) :-) :-)

Regarding Talking

So tonight, A was talking about Goliath and random stuff... over and over and over... and finally I stopped him and said, "A" do you just like talking? Do you talk to talk?

So he replies...

"Mommy, help me. I can't stop. Words keep coming out of my mouth and I can't stop them. Stop these words. I can' t stop them"

hahahahahahahahahahahaha - He totally gets it from his daddy. :-)

Saturday, August 1, 2015

"That Moment" - 8-1-15

You know THAT MOMENT when you wake up and check on your child to find that he is not in his bed. So you check the bathrooms and still no, you check your bed, (since he likes to sneak in) and still no. You wake your husband and start panicking. You calm yourself and look in every room. You are on the verge of calling 9-1-1 when your husband calls out that he has found him.

He was sleeping under his sister's crib. I guess he decided to have a little camp-out/hide-out. Thanks for telling mom about it. I didn't know whether to yell at him or hug him. HAHAHAHA. I'm just glad that, that was all it was. 

He never had a clue...just kept on sleeping. Next time check under all the beds. :-) 

There goes 10 years off my life.


You know THAT MOMENT when you are going over letters and numbers and your child holds up the letter "T" and he says "Jesus died on the cross." 

He doesn't understand all that, that means, but what a precious thing that he is already picking this up. Praising our Savior for HOPE!


You know THAT MOMENT when your child who is only 3 memorizes John 3:16 

...and when he swims across the pool to the ledge 

....and when He wraps his little arms around you and apologizes for something he did or wrong 

...or just to tell you that he loves you. 

There are so many moments in our crazy busy life but it's the little ones that make the biggest impact. 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Funny Things

"A" was eating ham for dinner and I looked over at him and he had a piece of ham held up to his ear. He proceeded to inform me,

"Mom, I'm talking on my ham to Jor Jor" 

I remember having a banana phone as a child, but never a ham. :-) I guess he is a ham radio operator.


Avery got a pre-record-able book from Grammy. The other day we were listening to Grammy read the story. All of a sudden, he got a big smile on his face and said "Bebe in there, Mom, Bebe in there!" For Christmas, he also got one from his Nana and he was excited to hear "Nana, in there."


The other day, he conversationally said "Hi babe, yeah babe"... and proceeded to call me babe for a good part of the afternoon. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Cooking Skills

Conversation between A & Dad...

Daddy: "Wow, "A", this food looks so yummy!"

"A" grinning

Daddy: Did you help cook this?"

A: "YEAH!"

Daddy: "What did you do?"

A: "EAT IT!"

He is SUCH A hard worker! :-)