Sunday, January 22, 2017

Pizza Bear

When you mix "T" and a many doses of albuterol and steroids, you get a little side show.

Little Ms. "T" is 2 1/2 and yet her favorite place to visit in the middle of the night is the hospital.  We still have not been able to get control of her health crisis.

So around 1AM we headed to the ER after she had a disturbing reaction to some drugs for her sickness.  Well, while we were on the way, she could not stop talking. She chatted about everything and everyone she saw. ...and, well, Ms. "T" is pretty shy and not so talkative and YOU KNOW something is wrong when your husband says, "You need to take a video of this." :-)

So there we were, heading to the hospital, and Little Ms. "T" decided she was hungry.

"Mom, I want some pizza."

"Honey, we are going to the hospital."

"Ok, I want pizza."

"Honey, I don't think the hospital has pizza."

"K, can I ask them?"

*Thinking* Sure, my shy non-talkative child won't ask them.

All the way to the hospital she talks about the pizza at the hospital. After we get checked in and were seated in the room, a nurse comes in.

"T" turns to me and says,

"Mom, can I ask her?"

I am shocked but agree.

"Can I have pizza? I want pizza"

The nurse tells her that she has something better than a pizza.

A little while later, after the doctor had been in, the nurse comes back with a small beanie baby bear for "T". It was so sweet of her.

So guess what the baby bear was named??????


No joke.  "T" now has a bear named Pizza who sleeps right next to her "Baby Dinosaur" (which is a baby doll) and  "Princess" (another baby doll).

Our life is quite twisted but we enjoy it. #nevergetsold #pizza #ilovemykids

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