Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Swim Lessons - April 23

Avery is such a little chatter bug and one of the funny things he does is tries to talk you in or out of a situation. Well we started swim lessons with Mrs. Misty this week. This is a refresher course and I'm super proud of his progress already!

Avery on the other hand, does not like his swim lessons. He loves water, but he HATES to go under and well that's a BIG part of the lessons. The 1st day, he didn't want to get out of the car. Yesterday, daddy came and I think he thought that daddy would save him. Well, that didn't work either, SO, today, he walks into the pool area, walks up to the side of the pool and just starts crying and telling Mrs. Misty why he can't. "DohDoh, No, Dohdoh bye, ..." I couldn't even understand what all he was saying but he gave a great lecture about all the reasons he couldn't swim. 

Then during the lesson, he tried to distract her. Misty would say Ready, Set and he would yell GO! (sobbing along while saying it.) It was the cutest thing. She also takes breaks in between swims and rubs their back which helps them to burp. So Avery would start crying "burp, bur, burr." Anything, but to get into that water. He also tried to give her a rub-rub (a back massage) at one point. 

If I didn't see the necessity of his learning, he probably would have already won but his safety is more of a concern then a few tantrums. We love you Bubbies and are happy with your wonderful progress!