Sunday, August 17, 2014

August 17, 2014 - Sweet Boy

My sweet sweet boy. I just love this kid! So we are learning baby sign language and we were practicing different signs like play, daddy, mommy, ball and so on. When I got to hug, I said "can you sign hug" and instead he tackled me with a big hug and said "Hug mommy" Then he wanted to hug Baby T as well. He is just precious. 

Last Sunday we were walking through church and ran up to me and said "hold me" and slipped his hand through mine. Then at nap time, he wanted me to lay next to him and he took both hands and framed my face and planted a kiss on my lips. 

He is pure sugar, ALOT of spice (the crazy 2 yr old tantrum kind) and alot of love. I'm so grateful for my little gift named A.