Saturday, August 1, 2015

"That Moment" - 8-1-15

You know THAT MOMENT when you wake up and check on your child to find that he is not in his bed. So you check the bathrooms and still no, you check your bed, (since he likes to sneak in) and still no. You wake your husband and start panicking. You calm yourself and look in every room. You are on the verge of calling 9-1-1 when your husband calls out that he has found him.

He was sleeping under his sister's crib. I guess he decided to have a little camp-out/hide-out. Thanks for telling mom about it. I didn't know whether to yell at him or hug him. HAHAHAHA. I'm just glad that, that was all it was. 

He never had a clue...just kept on sleeping. Next time check under all the beds. :-) 

There goes 10 years off my life.


You know THAT MOMENT when you are going over letters and numbers and your child holds up the letter "T" and he says "Jesus died on the cross." 

He doesn't understand all that, that means, but what a precious thing that he is already picking this up. Praising our Savior for HOPE!


You know THAT MOMENT when your child who is only 3 memorizes John 3:16 

...and when he swims across the pool to the ledge 

....and when He wraps his little arms around you and apologizes for something he did or wrong 

...or just to tell you that he loves you. 

There are so many moments in our crazy busy life but it's the little ones that make the biggest impact. 

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