Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ank-oo for...

Big brother is super insistent about praying before eating, whether it be a a snack or a meal. "Pray first" he insists. It's super cute and I never want to damper his spirit of prayer. I also allow him to say what he is thankful for. It usually starts with him saying "Fad-der" (Father) then I remind him to say "Thank you" and he goes on to say what he is thankful for. It always includes food but usually includes daddy, baby, mommy, and so on. He adds random things like "the light" or "dodo." I let him thank away and then he closes with "Amen."

So I never know what to expect. We were in the car eating bite while daddy was in a store buying something for our teen room. Avery insisted we pray (even though it was a small snack).

Here is how it went...

"Fadder, ank-oo food, ...daddy (pointing to store) ...fart (pointing to his bottom)
"Avery, fart?"
"Yeah, fart, fart momma, fart."

Well, at least he has a grateful spirit. Definitely saving this story. :-)