Monday, August 15, 2016

Prayers from a Babe

I love our prayers and tuck in time at night. The little ones will cuddle with you for as LONNNNNG as they can get you to stay in their room with them. Tonight my heart did a dance as I was tucking our little dinosaur in bed. 

I tucked her in and started praying. I said to God, "Thank you for my sweet little gift... (pause) and she cut in "...and for my mommy" *patting my head tenderly ...and for my mommy."

This is a night, I will treasure. The words she said were so tender and yet such a blessing to this momma's heart. 

I love talking to God about my sweet kids, but I love it even more when they talk to God. ...AND for them to thank God for me, was pure honey to my soul. <3 <3 <3