Tuesday, December 15, 2015

12/15/2015 Daddy's Christmas Present

Just to give you some background on this story, we do not have a dog, nor have ever had a dog, nor do we intend to get one in the near future.

We are driving down the road to meet Daddy at Target. Avery had been worried about buying Mommy a Christmas gift and we had not had time, so we were on our way to do that.

Avery: I want to get daddy a present too.

Mommy: You already got Daddy a present. You got him fire, remember. (fire: another long story)

Avery: I want to get Daddy two presents.

Mommy: Ok, what do you want to get him?

Avery: *Pause* (with hand strategically placed on his chin)

THEN (Avery looks up like he just had a brilliant light-bulb moment)


Mommy: Why do you want to get Daddy a gate?

Avery: I want to get a gate to keep our dog in.

Mommy: We don't have a dog.

Avery: Our dog died but we can get another dog.

Mommy: Are you making up stories again?

Avery: *giggle* I make up stories all the time

Mommy: Apparently. :-)

Another day in our household.

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